Fixrut Hair Growth Oil

Fixrut Hair Growth Oil claims to heal and repair the damaged cells in your scalp to improve follicle health and aid faster hair growth. It fights several hair damaging issues such as stress, pollution, bad diet, water salinity, scalp dryness, sweat allergies, dead skin, and dandruff. Regular use improves the thickness of your hair by nourishing and maintaining the protein levels in your hair roots.

Quick results

Fixrut Hair Growth Oil is a uniquely formulated Ayurvedic hair oil in India & it's gives quick results.

Unique hair growth formula

It is a wonderful blend of ayurvedic ingredients such as Keshraj, kalongi, Amla, bhringaraj ,shikakai which prevents baldness hair loss and helps to grow new hair.

Reduces hair fall & dandruff

Regular use of Fixrut Hair Growth Oil improves the hair fall and maintaining the protein levels in your hair roots and reduces dandruff.


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About Fixrut Hair Growth Oil

Prevents hair fall, improves hair growth & prevents baldness

Massaging oil at hair roots helps in providing sound sleep & increases remembrance power. Tunes hair soft & silky, helps in preventing premature greying. Also prevents & cures DANDRUFF. Protects hair fall & cures baldness.

Effective Transdermal Penetration
  • Relaxation
  • Rejuvenation
  • De-stressing
  • Improved Scalp blood circulation

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Fixrut Hair Growth Oil Hair Loss Treatment Help for hair Growth.

Fixrut Fixrut Fixrut

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Fixrut Hair Growth Oil Hair Loss Treatment Help for hair Growth.
The Immunity Booster for natural defence against Diseases & Infections.

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Fixrut Hair Growth Oil work againt

Baldness, Hair Loss, Rough Hair

Hair Fall, Premature Greying, Dandruff

Hair loss due to chemotherapy

Insomnia/Sleep disorders

Poor Concentration, Poor Nutrition

Popurlar Questions

Frequently asked questions

To get the most benefit of Fixrut hair oil, use bald hair for male hair and then use hair oil, then hair will grow in a natural way.
(फिक्सरुट तेल का ज्यादा लाभ लेने के लिए पुरुष बाल को गंजे करवा कर तेल का प्रयोग करे फिर बाल बिलकुल नेचुरल तरीके से उगने लगेगा।)
Massage of Fixrut hair oil with light hands on the root of hair for 10 minutes and those who are bald clean their hair with razer. Apply oil once or twice a day and then after 10 days clean the hair with a razor again.
(फिक्सरुट तेल को रोज बालों के जड़ मैं हलके हाथों से 10 मिनट्स तक मसाज करें तथा जो गंजे है वो अपने बालों को रेज़र से साफ़ करें। दिन में एक या दो बार तेल लगायें और 10 दिन बाद फिर से बालों को रेज़र से साफ़ करें।)
Do not use hair dryer & hot water for hair wash, it is not good for scalp, when you apply the oil.
Do not use any other hair oil brand while you use Fixrut hair oil.
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